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We know Posterizes is strictly covering NBA Basketball, but hey we got caught up in the Super Bowl spirit and have a wallpaper for you Seahawks fans!

Artwork by Collection By VC

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Miami Heat are your 2013 NBA Champions and what better way to celebrate their achievements than with some dope artwork for all of your laptops, desktops, and mobile devices! The international artist team at has been working to create some sweet designs for you guys to pick and choose from to celebrate the iconic back to back repeat!


Click the links below to go to the download page for all the wallpapers below! Congrats to the 2013 NBA Champions!




1. Download your LeBron James NBA Finals Crowning Wallpapers by Clicking here.





2. Download your Miami Heat/South Beach “Team Effort” wallpaper by clicking here.





3. Download your Miami Heat “Watch The Throne” Champions Wallpaper by Clicking here. 





4. Download your Miami Heat Dwyane Wade “White Hot” wallpaper here.





5. Download your LeBron James 2012 Heat “Fear Miami” Champion Wallpaper here.




6. Get your LeBron James “Earned Not Given” Finals MVP wallpapers here.




7. Get your Miami Heat “2013 NBA Champions Typography” Wallpapers here.




8. Get your LeBron James Finals Trophy Wallpapers here. 





9. Get your LeBron James “Art of the Game” wallpapers here. 




10. Get your LeBron James “Destruction” Finals wallpaper here. 





12. Get your LeBron James “Unleashed” Finals Wallpapers here. 





13. Download your D-Wade 3 Time Champ Wallpapers here. 




14. Download your D-Wade “Explosive” Wallpapers here.




15. Get your Miami Heat “Game Over” Champions Wallpapers here. 





16. Get your LeBron James “Prime” Wallpapers here. 




17. Download your LeBron “Love of the Game” James NBA FInals 2013 Wallpapers here. 




18. Download your Miami Heat “Royalty” NBA Champions Wallpapers here. 




19. Get your Miami Heat King James NBA Champ Wallpaper here.




20. Download your Dwyane Wade “The Flash” NBA Champion wallpapers here. 




21. Download your LeBrom James Finals “Angel of Destruction” Wallpapers here. 





22. Download your LeBron James Finals MVP “Portrait of a Champion” Wallpapers here. 




23. Download your LeBron James “Earned Not Given” Finals Wallpapers here. 




25. Get your LeBron James “Golden Season” Wallpapers here. 





26. Download your LeBron James Miami Heat “Dynasty Mode” Wallpapers here.




27. Download your LeBron James Finals MVP and MVP wallpapers here. 




28. Download your LeBron James “It’s About Damn Time” Wallpapers here. 

We don’t want to show you the horrific injury that occurred to Kevin Ware that would be cruel. Instead our artists Chad Gersky and Ryan Hurst have produced images that you can use or share to show that you are right behind #WINFORWARE




Posterizes would like to announce that from this point forward, all wallpapers will be available in iPhone 5 Resolutions.


Earlier today, the team at 2K sports announced the cover athletes and the official cover for the new rendition of the annual basketball video game that so many basketball fans love to play. The new cover features the young trio of Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and Blake Griffin.

Although there was much hype behind the cover and there are quite a few fans who were in love with the new cover design, there was also a large contingent of individuals who wanted to see their 2012 NBA Champion Finals MVP, LeBron James on the cover or 5 time NBA Champion Kobe Bryant on the cover.


Download Your NBA 2K13  Posterizes Custom Covers Below

Over here at Posterizes, we heard your requests and we created a special edition 2K13 cover featuring Ishaan Mishra’s LeBron James – “Total Domination” Wallpaper design. We also have a special Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James version from our designer Ryan Hurst.

Download the images and use it as your 2K13 covers, and make sure to come back and check out our other wallpapers and designs as we have our NBA Legends Week coming up!

Designed by Ishaan Mishra of Source24designs and Ryan Hurst

 Click Here to download your LeBron James NBA 2K13 Posterizes Custom Cover

 Click Here to download your Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James NBA 2K13 Posterizes Custom Cover

The Miami Heat are your 2012 NBA Champions and here is the official wallpaper collection to help you celebrate the Heat Championship in style. Click the links below the image to check out each wallpaper and make sure to tweet it out or like it if you enjoy the wallpaper! Every share counts! Enjoy.

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1. Download your LeBron James NBA Finals Trophy Wallpapers by Clicking here.

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2. Download your Miami Heat “Big Three Champions” wallpaper by clicking here.

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3. Download your Miami Heat 2012 Team Champions Wallpaper by clicking here

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4. Download your Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions Banner wallpaper here.

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5. Download your LeBron James 2012 Heat Champion Wallpaper here.

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6. Download your LeBron James “Redemption” Wallpapers here.

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7. Download your LeBron James “Total Domination” wallpapers here.

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8. Download your LeBron James “Weather the Storm” Champs Wallpaper here.

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9. Download your Dwyane Wade Championship Aspirations Wallpapers here.

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10. Download your Miami Heat Haters Gonna Hate “Champions” Wallpaper here.

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11. Download your LeBron James “Finality” Wallpapers here.

Download your LeBron James Wallpapers by clicking here.

LeBron James has officially been named the 2012 NBA MVP, garnering the honor of best regular season performer for the third time in just 4 years. This is LeBron’s first time winning the award as a member of the Miami Heat, and he did so this year averaging over 27 points 6 assists and 7 rebounds per game as he led the Heat to one of the best records in basketball. Here at Posterizes, we have put together two unique MVP wallpapers for “King” James and look forward to seeing what he does in the postseason.

Designed by Ishaan Mishra of Source24designs

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 Click here to download the Brooklyn Nets Logo Wallpaper.

As the Brooklyn Nets make the move to their new arena, fans are clamoring over the new team logo. The black and white style is iconic of New York street wear, and yet the simplicity is something which hasn’t been seen in NBA logos. The new logo marks the beginning of a new era, and here at Posterizes, we have created the new Brooklyn Nets logo in wallpaper format! Fans of the new design can set it as their desktop or device wallpaper by clicking the link below. While you are at it, check out the new Nets promo!

Click here to download the Brooklyn Nets Logo Wallpaper.

 Designed by Ishaan Mishra

On April 18th 2012 we had over 5,000 views on our site, we are pretty excited about this and we would like to give back to our fans across the globe by giving away one large poster of your choice from the artwork on our site printed and delivered to you.

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